Welcome to BeHappy

BE HAPPY - first online crypto game where viewers pay and players earn!
In today’s world, where the virtual world is an integral part of human life, it is difficult to surprise someone with a new and memorable thing. But not this time!
The user downloads the application on the Appstore or GooglePlay, connects his decentralized wallet - Metamask or True Wallet, and choose his "role" - who he wants to be, an actor or an observer.
Viewer: By registering as a viewer, you get the opportunity to choose the most relevant player for yourself according to several parameters and come up with a task for him. If the player accepts it and completes it, the value of the task is deducted from your wallet in $HAP.
Player. Player has right to choose the task he likes from several tasks offered to him. if he accepts it, but does not complete, then he is sent to a ban for a while or fined by the system. If the player completes the task, he receives his reward.
Be Happy is aimed at entertaining content, that is designed for a large mass of audience. I thank u will agree with me that in everyday life we are surrounded by a huge number of introverted people who can never go beyond what is permitted. But as soon as they get into the game and the virtual space, they easily begin to be active, get acquainted with girls/boys, get used to the most extraordinary roles and become the life and soul of the party.
The main in-game currency of Be Happy is the $HAP token. Depending on the amount of $HAP tokens in your wallet, the game opens up different opportunities and functions for you.
Be Happy on your mobile phone. The game's application will soon be available on the AppStore and GooglePlay. You only need to download the application, then connect your Metamask or Trust Wallet and choose who your "role".
System. All live viewers vote for the correct task performance. Also, viewers from the ratings of the most "reckless" and most successful earners. Viewers also have their own rating: the game system forms the top of the most generous viewers and the most insane tasks.
Be Happy as a new way of earning money. A new, previously undiscovered source of income is opening up for people from all over the world. Also, of course, there are people for whom tasks performances will turn from play into work.
Show. Be Happy creates entertaining content precisely that is designed for a large mass of audience, and will also attract new people to the crypto industry due to the easy entry threshold into an interesting unparalleled game.
Cyber Industry. For a long time, there has been a practice of conducting live boardcasts (streams) and sponsoring these broadcasts by viewers. Popular influencers earn tens of thousands of dollars per live stream.
Voyeurism. An unconditional part of human psychology is the passion for spying on strangers at non-standard moments, for example, when they are performing their individual tasks in the game.
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