The application has a native interface, so you only need a couple of minutes to get the hang of it.
The main page has a feed with videos of players from all over the world who skillfully complete missions received from the viewers or from the developers of Be Happy.
Each user can evaluate the correctness of the mission, because only you, user, can decide whether the player will receive a reward.
You can do this by clicking on the appropriate buttons: Accept or Reject.
Clicking on the bell will take you to the list of missions that have not yet been sorted out. Hurry up and accept the challenge and amaze the other members with your skills. You can pick any mission from those sent to you. And don't forget, the more missions you complete, the faster your income grows.
If you act as an bystander, then you need to click on the pen icon to get to the section with missions and fill them out with your insane ideas!
Don't forget to read the rating of the coolest members by clicking on the medal icon.