How to make money in the Be Happy game? By completing tasks from viewers, you get a guaranteed income. But if you want to achieve huge success in the game, then you need to perform tasks brightly, outstandingly and agree to the craziest things. The audience loves the show, and those who know how to make a show always earn a lot!
Will I able to give tasks to others and do them at the same time? Yes, It's possible in the game. There will be a function to switch from Player mode to Viewer mode inside the account.
What do I need to have to start the game? It's simple, buy $HAP tokens (a prerequisite for participation in the game) and download the BE HAPPY mobile application to your phone!
Does Be Happy have a smart contract audit? Be Happy has been tested by leading auditing companies such as SolidityFinance and SolidProof, which confirms the complete security of the smart contract, as well as the absence of technical flaws in the ecosystem. Audit results:
Who is the Be Happy team? The Be Happy team consists of a group of professional developers and programmers, a marketing department and CEO. The team has vast experience and authority in the crypto sphere. You can get acquainted with the team on our website in the Team section.