NFT Collection

Don't miss the opportunity to become an early investor in the NFT collection and start earning both inside the game Be Happy and on our marketplace.
Over the past three years, attention to the field of NFT has been growing, and this factor is absolutely understandable.
After all, the NFT token is an instrument that transfers unique items from the real world to the blockchain. Moreover, each of each token is unique; it’s one and only. Plus, there’s a high-level encryption that stores all the necessary information about the token.
What are the advantages of buying an NFT at the Pre-Sale stage? A limited number of unique NFT avatars are allocated for the Pre-Sale stage. Early investors are able to buy NFTs at the lowest cost manage to become owners of rare NFTs, which not only provide additional opportunities in the game Be Happy, but will also grow in the market with the development of the game.
Do I have to have an NFT to play Be Happy? No, not necessarily. To play Be Happy, you must have $HAP tokens. However, NFT provides additional features in the game, such as NFT staking Multiplier, which increase the profit of the players.
When will I get my NFT? Straight after listing the $HAP token, the Be Happy marketplace will be launched. All NFT owners will have them credited to their wallets and trading will start.
What is Multiplier? Multiplier is a coefficient that increases earnings from completed tasks for Players. NFT owners can earn more than regular players - from 5% to 40% depending on the rarity of the NFT.
What is a current price on the marketplace? This is the price at which trading of this NFT will begin on the marketplace. At the Pre-Sale stage, investors can buy NFT at a price lower than the starting price of trading.
How does Be Happy NFT staking work? Staking will be launched on our NFT marketplace. If you stake your NFT, you will earn daily income. You can withdraw your NFT from staking at any point of time. Staking will not negatively affect in-game earnings in any way. Even when your NFT is staked, a Multiplier of additional earnings will be credited to your account in the game.
Exclusivity is the most valuable part in an NFT.
It's nice to know that no one else has the same token like yours, and all the information is securely fixed in the platform, isn’t it?
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