Q2 2022: -Team Setup ☑️ -Project Ideation ☑️
Q3 2022:
-Development of a mobile application for the Be Happy game (Establishment UI & UX) ☑️
-Smart Contracts' development ☑️
-Website building ☑️
-Smart Contracts' audit
-Whitepaper development ☑️
-Creating social medias for the Be Happy community ☑️
-Pre-Launch Marketing ☑️
- Passing KYC of all the team members ☑️
Q4 2022:
-Airdrop Campaign
-Pre-Sale Sale Conducting
-Closed beta testing Be Happy games
-Listing of the $HAP token on PancakeSwap and 3 other top exchanges
-Listing on СoinMarketCap and CoinGecko
-Launch of the BeHappy game mobile app for all users
-Launch of advertising integrations with 100 crypto bloggers on YouTube and Twitter to
promote the Be Happy game and increase its popularity
-First NFTs sale
Q1 2023:
-Partnerships with celebrities for promotion of Be Happy
-Second NFTs sale
-Listing of the $HAP token on 2 more exchanges
-Multichain wallet inside the app
-Launch NFT Marketplace for Be Happy
-Launch of social challenges inside the Be Happy app
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