Roles in the game are divided into 2 types: viewers (spectators) and players.
For the first time, viewers and players work in tandem!
Viewers come up with tasks for players, assign monetary rewards for their progress, monitor the fulfillment of their tasks. All of them vote for the correct tasks performance. Also, viewers form the ratings of the most "reckless" and most successful earners. Viewers also have their own rating: the game system forms the top of the most generous viewers and the most insane tasks.
Players, accordingly, choose tasks, complete them and earn! If he accepts it, but does not complete, then he is sent to a ban for a while or fined by the system.
The main in-game currency of Be Happy is the $HAP token. Each participant of the game, whether it is a player or a viewer, must have at least 5000 $HAP tokens on a decentralized wallet to take part in the game.
Concluding this section, I would like to remind you once again that you should be respectful to yourself and others, behave with dignity and follow the rules.
Good luck!
Last modified 3mo ago